The VP9SK Is Perfect For My Big Hands

How Well Does the HK VP40 Handle Recoil?
May 13, 2017 Sponsorship Announcement
August 1, 2017

While I’m super bummed I was unable to make it to the 2017 NRAAM in Atlanta, GA this year to participate in the joy of the announcement and release of the HK VP9SK that so many people have been requesting, I’m happy it is here. I’m even happier that I have one in my hands, and I’m able to give you a product overview. This is my second attempt at doing something with a YouTube channel, so bear with me as I continue to experiment with the format.

On a sidenote I try to make it absolutely clear that I’m affiliated with HK and that this is not an unbiased product review. In fact I love this gun, and I want another one, because I’m pretty sure my wife has claimed this one. This part surprised me because I’m not a striker fire pistol kind of guy, I’m a hammer sort of dude. I’ve trained with DA/SA guns for so long that striker triggers just don’t feel right to me, and it would take a lot more training than I’m willing to do to change pistol types. However, this baby has me giving it second thoughts! Watch and let me know what you think!


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