Sean Burrows: The Newest Member of the HK Shooting Team

New Competition Pistol: The HK P30L
July 14, 2015
HK Parts Sponsorship Announcement
November 9, 2016

When I say the words out loud I can barely comprehend that it is reality. As of today, I am the newest member of the Heckler & Koch Shooting Team. I’m both overwhelmed with a sense of inadequacy, and a pride that I can’t even describe. It’s no secret that up to this point that I’m a bit of an HK fanboy. I’ve decided to use their products for both my personal protection in my daily concealed carry, and in competition as I pursue the practical shooting sports with full force.

Something feels different now. It’s more official. It’s all for real now. HK is backing me. Heaven knows I’ve spent plenty of money on their products, so this should feel only fair in the estimation of some. I’ve put in a lot of work and gained a level of proficiency that others close to me have said I totally deserve. But let me be clear on something. Heckler & Koch is the only major manufacturer in existence to never have a recall. They take such meticulous care to produce a high quality product that little if anything is overlooked. So, to me that is a tall order to be asked to be an ambassador to such a brand. I feel a deep sense of duty to train harder, and focus deeper on my sport.

When it all boils down, I’m humbled by their invitation, and I have accepted it. I accepted it so fast when I received the email, that I second-guessed my response. 0.21 seconds after pushing the send button on my acceptance email, I panicked and asked myself what I had done. Just as one cannot take back a bullet, I most certainly have no way of recalling that email; nor do I want to, but for a moment it crossed my mind.

What’s the saying? “Many are called but few are chosen.” Something to that effect anyway. Well I was called, and I accepted, so it is time to make certain I’m worthy of the task. I believe it is up to each individual to make certain that they are chosen for whatever it is they are called to do.

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