Shotgun Reload Drills for 3-Gun with a Breda B12i

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December 15, 2018
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January 13, 2020

This is from a recent range day Alysia and I had where we ran some of my favorite shotgun loading drills. The thing about the shotgun in particular out of all of three that we run in 3-gun is most of the skills can be developed indoors with dry fire practice. However, going out once a week or so to confirm progress with live rounds is just as important. This way we know we aren’t practicing something incorrectly and building bad habits only to have them manifest under the pressure of the clock at the next match.

These are drills I picked up from my buddy Andy Peterson, and they incorporate movement, low round count, and weapons manipulation. Being able to reload on the move is a key time saver in multigun and these drills help verify the effectiveness of all the basement dry fire we do all winter long. It is one thing to stand around and throw quad loads into our shotguns, but it is quite another to do it while moving quickly and posting up to shoot a target quickly and accurately in a new position. In this video, Alysia and I work on moving from left to right while loading 4, 8, and 12 rounds respectively. Anyone who says they don’t like shotgun, hasn’t tried this drill.

Shotguns: Breda USA B12i
Belt Rigs: Safariland ELS w/ 086 Shell Holders
Ammo: Winchester AA
Eye Protection: Gargoyles


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