Father’s Day At The Range
June 21, 2015
Sean Burrows: The Newest Member of the HK Shooting Team
October 21, 2016

So I made an investment last week and she arrived today! It is a pistol I plan to dedicate to using for competition only. I figure that as I get more and more into the shooting sports I would like to keep it as close to what I carry for personal protection as possible. Since I use an HK P30 for my “EDC” it seems logical to me that something with a longer sight radius but is identical in every other way would be the most logical decision. So I purchased an HK P30L.

I took some pictures of it, because I won’t be able to hang onto it for long. Just like the P30 this thing just feels like it was made for me. I haven’t even fired it and I send it off to a gunsmith for action work tomorrow. Who is this gunsmith? Well I’m excited to be sending it off to a gunsmith in Oregon with a stellar reputation for doing action work on HK pistols. After doing a fairly in-depth amount of research on the subject I’ve learned that one doesn’t just want any old gunsmith working on their HK pistol. This is particularly true of their hammer-fired guns such as the USP and P Series pistols. So, after chatting with them on the phone I’ll be sending this beauty off to Gray Guns to lighten double action and single action trigger pull weight and (to me) the most important part, reduce trigger reset length. In fact I’m sending it off tomorrow!

It feels weird to get a brand new beautiful pistol such as this, and then just send it off, but I’m told that it will be 12 weeks or less to get work done that will last me a lifetime, and just help me enjoy my pistol that much more. So I’m putting off a little bit of instant gratification, for the hope there will be much more down the road. Besides, it’ll be back in my hands before the weather gets too cold, and I’ll get to train with it.

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