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July 25, 2017
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August 31, 2017
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You probably don’t get the LEM trigger, like I didn’t get it either, but that’s ok…

When it comes to this LEM trigger variant that Heckler & Koch has made available for nearly all of their pistols for over a decade now, I have been on the outside looking in like a lot of proud males living in quiet desperation. What do I mean by that? C’mon… male pride. We can’t admit we don’t know what we don’t know so we keep on keeping on with our delightful ignorance on the matter acting as if we do, util a stroke of luck breaks.

Hell, I’ve even had the opportunity to pick up a few LEM trigger variant pistols a few times and still didn’t get it. But eventually, as it always does with persistent, stubborn, male-types; it eventually *clicked* and the world became a better place for it. Well, at least the way I viewed the world.

The story of how I came across and decided to adopt the LEM trigger is as important as the explanation of how the trigger system works and why it was designed. After all, we aren’t discussing a toy. We are discussing a tool and the right tool has to be applied to the right job, or it doesn’t matter. For me, the tool in question was my USP Expert competition pistol that I use for 3-gun.  Of course I want to have a competitive advantage at matches, but for many reasons it is just as important to maintain the quality of the product designed and intended by HK when having my genius gunsmith, Rick Holm from Lazy Wolf Guns, work on my pistols. And that is what makes Rick a Grand Master at his craft.

Watch and tell me what you think. Watch the video about the HK LEM trigger explanation on my YouTube channel here.

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