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Tools of the Trade

Heckler & Koch 3-Gun Tools Of The Trade Sean Burrows
My Start With Heckler & Koch

From the moment I decided to try competitive shooting I had this idea that I should train and compete with the same gun. Or at least a similar enough platform to what I carry, for self defense. For over a decade (on and off), I have carried an HK P30 that has become an extension of myself. So why wouldn't the gun I rely on to potentially protect myself and my family be just as reliable for competition?

My logic at the onset was simple and held water in my mind. My theory at the time was just reinforced when I shot my first USPSA match with my P30, and I couldn't believe the Open Division and Limited Division guys taking apart their magazines and cleaning them between every single stage to prevent malfunctions. These were $150 magazines made for $5000 custom pistols. My thought at the time was that such a setup should be able to clean itself after winning the match for you! With some actual experience, my perspective has changed... a lot!

Fast forward to present day, and I still very much use Heckler & Koch guns, just not the same ones I use for defense. I've made a distinction between completion and combat. Sure, both are applications of firearms, however drag racing and off-roading both involve motor vehicles. It doesn't mean that either activity are remotely the same thing, or even need to be treated in the same matter. I have since gotten over the idea of competing in an event that tests athleticism and marksmanship has to translate to anything outside of the game itself.

Two of the 3-Guns

It didn't take more than a couple years of casually messing around with pistol competitions before I found the sport of 3-Gun, the world's fastest growing shooting sport. I had a problem though it was going to be some time before I could try it out because I only owned one out of the three basic tools required. Since my total lack of experience with a shotgun at the time, my next purchase was to be a rifle. Not just any rifle though. I'd read about the rifles used by SEAL Team Six to take out Osama Bin Laden et al, and I wanted what they had. So I got the closest thing HK makes for the civilian market!

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HK USP Expert

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HK MR556A1

Heckler & Koch MR556A1 Sean Burrows 3 Gun Button Rifle
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