VLOG Episode 4: Anti-Gun Internet Haters & 3-Gun Match Preparations

Doing 3-Gun With Chill Sergeant Luke of Rhino Metals
June 22, 2018
VLOG Episode 7: Breaking Into My Rental Car With My Emerson Knife To Make A 3-Gun Match On Time
July 27, 2018

It was an eventful week to say the least. For starters I have experienced a lot of irritating little obstacles (online) form those who disapprove of the way I raise my children. Since I had a video of me teaching my youngest son how to shoot go viral on Instagram, the downpour of trolls has been astonishing. However, the outpouring of support has been 10x that of the haters. In this episode, I also spend considerable time preparing for my upcoming match experiment in Heavy Division at a local match. If anything else, I can say that I’m certainly not bored!


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