B&T GHM 9 Gen 2 SD Barrel Kit Revealed at SHOT Show 2020!

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January 26, 2020
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This was my personal favorite item in the B&T Booth at the 2020 SHOT Show. The intention behind the design of the GHM 9 Gen 2 was to make modularity available to civilian B&T lovers. The GHM 9 Gen 2 barrel kits that are going to be available this year is so the shooter swap out barrel lengths can accommodate what you want to use your GHM for when you go to the range. Kits available will include:

110mm / 4.3″ barrel with handguard
175mm / 6.9″ barrel with handguard
225mm / 8.9″ barrel with handguard
420mm / 16.5″ barrel with handguard
110mm / 4.3″ with SD Kit & handguard

The one I’m MOST excited about is the SD kit though. Owning an MP5-SD is out of reach for most of us (although Dakota Tactical makes a really nice clone), but this option is not only available to the average civilian shooter, but comes in at a relatively affordable price point.


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